Bullseye Missoni


Sept 13 11 a.m: I enter the unusually quiete target store to preview the missoni collection with the sole intention of feeling the iconic zigzag garment in my hands. I spot the enticing missoni rack only to realise that it is filled with exhileration blouses. When asked if they received the missoni consignment the manager replied that there was mayhem in the morning with hundreds of people snatching merchandise. I was surprised that people were aware of the italian brand or was it extremely succesful marketing. Target has tied up with European designers in the past but this time it had not expected such an unprecedented demand. How were people aware of this brand, was it social media ot just that the world is becoming a smaller place but it is also becoming a more exciting place knowing what is happening in another country this very second! I wish I could be a part of team Anna so here is a missoni inspired sketch with a Gandhi cap.

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